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OurChurch.Com Webmaster Newsletter - June 2009

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 18, 2009 5:01 pm    Post subject: OurChurch.Com Webmaster Newsletter - June 2009 Reply with quote

View this newsletter in your browser:

Hello OurChurch.Com webmasters,

How's it going? All is well here at OCC. Mark and I had a great time last week at the Florida United Methodist Conference in Daytona Beach. We met lots of wonderful people and even took in some of the sun and surf Daytona has to offer.

The conference gave us a great opportunity to experience the convergence of offline social networking (i.e. face-to-face conversations at our exhibit) with online social networking (doing updates and giveaways through Facebook, Twitter, and our blog). And really that's what social networking is all about - finding ways to help people connect online in between offline gatherings in order to make those relationships stronger and richer.

Weíll talk more about that, plus you'll want to check out the funny video, new templates, and another coupon in this month's newsletter. And read about the new service that has our techs all geeked up!

In His Service,
Paul Steinbrueck

1) Learn to Connect Better in Social Networking Month
2) Follow OCC on Twitter, Get a $50 Gift Card Today!
3) Blog Update: The honest truth about blog comments
4) New World-Class Backup Service
5) Funny Video: iBible
6) New Father's Day and Patriotic Templates
7) New Coupon - Only Available in This Newsletter

Social networking is huge. What may have seemed like a teen fad with kids goofing off on MySpace has blossomed into way for people of all ages to engage online with the family, friends, church, and businesses they love.

Social networking has also become a way for organizations to connect with new people and to help the people within their organization share ideas and become better connected. But with all the different sites and tools, it's hard to know which to use and how to use them effectively.

June is Social Networking Month at OurChurch.Com. All month we'll be discussing social networking, rolling out new tools to help you connect better with us, and providing new tools to help you connect with new visitors and engage the people within your organization.

OurChurch.Com is now on Twitter. If you use Twitter, follow us to get the inside scoop on what goes on behind the scenes at OCC. We follow lots of OCC members and industry leaders and retweet interesting tweets from them. Plus we like to give stuff away via Twitter.

Today we're giving a way a $50 gift card to Outback Steakhouse/Bonefish Grill. For more details see...

Can we be real with each other for a few moments?

One of my biggest frustrations with regards to this blog is the lack of comments and meaningful discussion on most of the posts here.

Itís frustrating for two reasons.

First, I really, really, really want this blog to be a place where we are all helping each other to understand how to most effectively use Internet technology in ministry. I am not by any stretch of the imagination the smartest guy on this topic or the best writer nor do I have all the answers. This blog is not reaching its full potential because it lacks your insight and observations, your experience and perspective.

Second, commenting on this blog is a fantastic and very easy opportunity for you to help your ministry grow. Comments can give you credibility, links, and new visitors. I canít for the life of me understand why more people donít comment more often.

So, hereís the deal. I am going to lay out as clearly as I possibly can the benefits of commenting. Then Iíd like you to give me the honest truth as to why you havenít commented more often and tell me how to make this blog more engaging.

If itís because I suck as a writer or have been writing on boring topics, thatís fine. I just want to know so I can try to make the blog better. You can be anonymous.

Other recent articles:

- Get a $50 Bonefish/Outback Gift Card

- Social Networking Round Table - Part 3

- Social Networking Round Table - Part 2

For most people talk about server backup systems will make their eyes glaze over, but here at OCC we're all geeked out about the new backup system we've implemented on all the servers hosting Gold, Silver and Bronze accounts. If you have a Gold, Silver, or Bronze account here are the benefits you're now receiving.

- A backup of your account is made every night.
- Backups are kept for 14 days, so files can be restore to any point in the last 14 days.
- Anything can be restored from the entire account to specific folders to individual files.
- An icon in your cPanel control panel gives you the ability to restore files/folders on your own in seconds.
- OCC support staff can also restore files if requested.
- The backup is off-site, so if North Korea nukes our data center your data is still safe.
- The backup system is much more efficient than the old system and servers are running much faster as a result.
- Above features are in addition to RAID backup that is made to a second drive on each server.

Doesn't that make you want to jump up and down! Smile

5) FUNNY VIDEO - iBible
Check out this month's humorous video. Embed it in your site to give your visitors a good laugh.

This month we've added our second Father's Day Template as well as another U.S. Patriotic themed template featuring the saying "One Nation Under God." Plus we've made another dozen or so NE1 templates editable.

Click on the coupon below to "claim" it. After claiming the coupon, it will appear in the order form for all of your OCC websites until it expires. It can be used once per site. If you have any problems clicking on the coupon, you can also claim it by going to your order form and entering coupon code socialnet.

Thanks for hosting your website at OurChurch.Com. Post your comments and questions concerning this newsletter here in our forums.


"A Psalm - from desperation to inspiration... The Lord is good and His mercies are forever. He is my Sustainer and Strength in this weary land." - ferryman

Sound off on our message boards -

Do you Twitter?

- Yes
- Not yet, but I`m going to try it.
- Not yet, but I`m considering it.
- No.


Adding a blog one of the best ways to make your site more social.

WEBSITE SPOTLIGHT: Knott Avenue Christian Church Ė
Knot Avenue Christian Church is a non-denominational, multi-cultural church located in Anaheim, CA. We were excited to be able to launch a brand knew custom CMS site for KACC earlier this month. The site includes a ton of engaging features including an intro/splash page with an edgy video about the church, a nice slideshow on the homepage that really gives the visitor a good idea of what the church building and people look like, video of past services, a blog authored by the pastor, and online registration for their spiritual development classes called KACC-U. It's definitely a site to check out!

- Maryilyn's Inspirational Poetry -
- The Salvation Army -
- First Landmark Missionary Baptist Church, Springfield, OR -
- To The One Who Is Hurting -

Info on PowerPoints Challenge -
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